Saturday, 2 January 2010

1st January 2010

Part 1 (what I remember of it)
At an amusement park. With Hayley from Junior school. On rides. She nearly came out of it. I was next to her, saw her slipping. A lot of the amusement park was on the shore.

Part 2
Dream kind of changed/merged. I was with Nikki and Dan. At docks, several huge tidal pools. Family friend Jane shows us how she can put bait on either shoulder (baby turtles) and be picked up by a large bird of prey to control it.
[[at this point it becomes apparent that I skipped Uni to do this]]
In the pools with Emily. I show her how to bait the rays to be able to hold and ride them. I educate her about rays.
After a while me, Nikki and Dan go onto the docks. A ship's captain seems to be in charge of the docks. He has bait in a bucket. When we open the lid, I see a dead rainbow stag.
Suddenly we hear panic and a warning of sharks on the way. I look under the docks and see the tail out of water. I say how it had characteristics of a Great White. I explain about shark tails.
The captain shows us something it tried to bite. I confirm it's not a Great White by saying "it's too small" and confusing people around. I say in comparison it is small.
We turn around and see 2 scalloped hammerheads (but tiny) and 2 bonnetheads (tiny also) jump over the pier. I panic. Captain tells us to cover ourselves in dried tomato seeds and herbs, to confuse the sharks.

[Wake up]

Friday, 1 January 2010

31st December 2009

[[Did not write this in my dream diary notebook, so this is all I can remember]]

Woke up in Sam's bed after New Year's in Hull, but it was actually the 5th of January now.
Went on facebook. A message from Josh telling me he found someone else. I replied with "I don't anymore, I have someone else".
Me and Sam walked outside and it looked like Bury. He said "you've got money now, lucky!"

I went to check my bank to see if my student loan was in.