Tuesday, 2 March 2010

24th February 2010

[missed out a lot of dream]
Having sex with Nikki's friend Doug. I black out. Seemingly wake up after he's finished. He asks me how it was, I don't answer. He leaves.
Dan comes into my room while I'm still lying there.
I start to freak out about how the lampshade on the big light looks photoshopped into reality. Then it's on a jet-ski and I laugh. Nikki and Dan are now in my room looking at the lamp.
[gap in dream]
At a lecture of sorts, in a large hall, with a wooden floor and wooden stage. There's a big alligator/scorpion/spider creature. The guy presenting demonstrates how it imitates a yo-yo. He starts handing out Chinese remedies and jade beads. I get the beads and mine are made out of wood instead.
[wake up (alarm)]

17th February 2010

[bits of dream before this, forgotten]
In a town somewhere. Dressed as a mermaid, Britney Spears dressed as Jasmine. Trying to impress Shaun and distract him from her. I flash him, but she shows him her bum. We both try to better each other by making Shaun a costume.

7th February 2010

On a road trip with Alex and Nikki, to somewhere with fields. Ended up in a place with a dock, and we ended up going somewhere that we weren't meant to. Found pieces of old metal by the side of the banks.
A few were in shapes of things we could see, like a boat that was at the docks.
We tried to read what the metal said to match it with the boat and chased the boat to show them.
Everyone was seemingly impressed, and I had a feeling it would bring me lots of money.