Friday, 18 June 2010

17th June 2010

Dream 1
Don't remember much other than Shaun was abusing me, so I try to kill him, in various different ways. He continues to be horrid, and once he finds out what I was doing he pretends to die, whilst stood with Steve and Bee. They get mad at me.
He gets back up from the floor and says he hopes I've learned my lesson.
I sit down on a couch. Bee comes over and is very nice to me.

Dream 2
Lots of us are in a strange land. Dark and dangerous, clich├ęd really.
In teams trying to kill boars in the way of where we're trying to go.
Emily, Kirsten and Jo are on my team, possibly more.
The other team is Liam, Robb, Danny and more than I don't remember.
We try to use different weapons to different strengths of enemies. I try to use a cannon on oe from afar but it doesn't work, seemingly because I'm not on a boat. In this part of the dream it's like a video game, with menus and I hold wii remotes.
After we get past some, we're all in a darkened room in a house, one couch against one far wall, one couch against it's opposite. We all discuss ways to take the other team out.

8th June 2010

This night has lots of dreams.

At Uni with Alex and Nikki. Someone's birthday. Traipsing around in a fancy dress. I end up only wearing the top half of my costume with underwear.
Alan Byrnes is there with a weird kind of cat. Weirdly shaped, big and strong enough to take on walls. End up getting a life from who we assume to be a male/female couple until I get in the front passenger seat and it's Amber and her Mum.
After being driven home we're told we won a prize-giving with Ikea for our photography. We get a taxi and arrive. We've each won a fold-able fabric wardrobe with a toilet room in it. Mine is taken away and they lose my stuff for a while.
On the way back I stop off at a shop and the cashier can't speak good English. I'm only trying to buy chocolate and make-up. I get angry with him and just leave with the stuff.

Not dated, titled "before 8th June" 2010

Night before the day in the dream, sleepover at an elderly man's house. I wake up and some of my piercings have fallen out and for ages I can't get in the light to see to re-pierce my medusa.