Sunday, 27 March 2011

27th March 2011

WARNING: Towards the end of this entry there is graphic content. You have been warned.

Out on the town with a friend (not sure who it is because they didn't look like who it was supposed to be) and Peter was there. Trying to get back with me, me and the friend tried to lose him for a while and finally succeeded.
Ended up coming across some guy who had dirt on me and the friend. We had to co-operate with him and let him take compromising pictures of weird shit. At one point he showed us a video of my friend doing something, but it was on a large cinema screen. We were supposed to take pictures of the screen but I was aware of the no-photo policy.
After the final test, when the friend has to sit with her legs open with a skirt on and have her photo taken because the guy wrongly accused her of paedophilia, we were taken as helpers for his final task.

We were to watch him attach his balls to a heavy machine that some guy built for him that was going to drag him slowly, while he peeled his skin and fat away from his body.
He was glistening. When he started moving, he shoved a knife through the muscles around his collarbone, and ripped a hole through to his throat. You could see inside the hole. I was preparing to stop looking, trying to bury my face into the chest of a man I was stood with, assumingly someone I knew.
[wake up]

25th November 2010

Several parts.

Starts on a train, within Harry Potter. Escaping something evil. I go to the train's toilet and shop area and people are being rude. While in there the dream changed at some point.
I'm now in an arcade or something.
James was there, with a small machine that had cassette tapes in. He had it plugged into a big pinball machine. I'm not sure what it was doing. I don't remember why, but he gave it to me because he was going away. I did eventually see him again, and I had it with me, and he was surprised.
Last part of the dream, not sure how it started, but I was walking somewhere, on a pilgrimage, with a person I was walking with, and I was in danger the whole time. Then it swapped, I wasn't me, I was a scary guy who was shooting people down everywhere and people were just dying. I was seeing it through his eyes.
Eventually he started shooting some kids playing on a field but the bullets were ineffective. They all started to crowd him but a big, beefy, faceless guy suggested they stop and were led away. I think he killed them.
It kept swapping between me and seeing through his eyes.
I walked through towns to farmland and eventually got to city where some tall goth guy met me and we acted like we were together but he was really a repulsive person.
[wake up]

22nd October 2010

At Uni, in halls. With James, Nikki and Alex sleeping in one room, big room, but Alex sleeps just outside the door.
Ashley comes over to stay with me anyway. Nikki went on a trip somewhere, and James was busy. Me and Ash were just living cosy how we wanted.
Me and James went to a nearby corner shop one morning, I only wanted a little juice cup, the 10p things, and they ID'd me for it. I went to get my passport out and someone had scratched off the details and taken my picture. The guy behind the counter laughed and said he'd charge me £1 for it I swore at him and threatened him. We left the store then ran, just in case.
We got back home and I tried calling the authorities about it but the damaged passport seemed to affect my phone privileges.
Then I tried to call my Mum. I got through to some snotty woman who said my Mum couldn't help, she'd had breathing problems and was in hospital, probably wouldn't make it. I put the phone down and was called by the authorities. They acted as if I'd done it, as I should have been more careful.
Nikki got back from her trip. I tried to tell her but she wasn't bothered because she'd brought back a stegosaurus.

20th October 2010

Don't remember much.
With Dan, Nikki and Emily, it seems. Going through a town, presumably Blackpool, but it's been in my dreams before as Bury I think.
We end up in field. Some chavs tell us that Emily used to bully and throw people about down hill. She feels bad. I'm stood in the background biting and tearing up china plates. We go back to our place and I tell Dan I want to make a cast of my teeth and make it so my bites are taken out of a plate.

21st September 2010

Part 1 (Very vague, don't remember much)
Walking round Bury with Ryan (UG) and Dan Kearney. Supposed to be a party somewhere I think. Rach was there at some point. I remember walking past the big clock in Bury.

Part 2
A few of us ended up in Manchester. I think I was with Rach, Emily Hanlon, Nikki and Dan in Manchester when I heard Prince's music coming from a bar on the corner of a street. I asked Emily to come with me to ask the bouncer if I could peek in and see if I'd want to go in. They let us.
It was a cover band, but it was amazing, then I noticed that Prince was actually there. The bouncer told us to come back up and decide.
I decided to pay to get in, and for the others to meet me back there for a while.
I went to pay and the bouncer got me in cheaper.
As I walked down the stairs Prince was no longer right there as you walked in. He was over the other side. I went to stand in front of the stage. As the night began to slow down and people left I'd noticed the music quieten, and Prince was stood to the right of me. I was still dancing and bopping to the music.
Prince smiled at me, took hold of me from behind gently, and parted my hair to the side at the front so he could trim some. He cut a few locks out. I remember having to steer him away from cutting more, he was running his hands through my hair*.
He brushed his hands on my shoulders and just looked at me, smiling.

*partial lucid dream??

6th September 2010

At a big field, supposedly camping because that's the temporary way for students to sleep until dorms. First night at the college for the Uni course. Everyone wants to party. Stew Capper is there, among others.
Introductory classes, I act awkward in front of a class of Photography students. Later there are tents to buy beverages and things. I talk to the storekeeper for a moment.
Peter is there and he sits on a couch with me. He puts his around around me and starts to sweet-talk. I get up, tell him off and leave to set up my sleeping bag in the field with everyone else.
I camp next to a few TC UGers - I remember Hollie and Dave.

1st August 2010

I believe there were multiple sections to the dream. This is the last one.

With Emily. We go to a theme park. I have dreads in my hair. Generally walking around the park. Ryan (CoreysMonster UG) is the tannoy guy, he tries to suggest various rides and things for us to goon. Some rough looking gut asks us for a lighter and Emily gives him one. He keeps following us. As some point Alex's friend Cerys joins our crew.
We go to a different area of the park and the police arrive and it's noisy. We end up in a restaurant in the park. When we get inside it's full. The rough guy is now a woman and she rushes to the toilets. The police arrive and we assume they're after her after she acted weird all day.
Cerys starts talking about a cool time with Alex while I'm trying to hear the police radio.
Me and Emily go to my house. The guy is still following us. I quickly bleach my hair and put the dreads back in. I am very impressed because they had blonde, pink and black so it still matches my clothing.
The guy is stood outside my front door and asks for a light again and comes inside to apologise for him following us. We go into my living room and the police come. He comes inside and tries to strike up conversation.
I say I can see Xzibit outside. I want to hurry back to the theme park.

17th July 2010

Several dreams, only remember the last part of the last one vaguely.

On a big street, directed to go up into an attic of one house. A male friend is there, not sure who.
My Aunt is there with a baby and she wants it to be looked after by me, although she doesn't leave anywhere.
I put on lipstick and smile at the baby. I find bomb-shaped stickle bricks and explain to my male friend.

24th June 2010

In Chinatown, not sure why. Vague bit of dream to start. End up in Derby High School again.
In a darkened classroom, trying to be taught, don't know quite what lesson it is.
Yellow Lamborghini in the room, that is made to disappear. We're told to guess how, it's seemingly a media lesson at this point. Maggie Smith is one of the teachers.
Then it changes.
We're in a big hall, Maggie Smith is now dressed as McGonagall, and there is also Dumbledore, and a few of the students. We're dressed in the school robes, and we have to join in acting. The characters are seemingly real, but they're definitely acting. We try to join in, as we're told. We sneak under the tables in the hall, under a black sheet, like how we assumed the Lamborghini did.
Emily is behind me, under she same sheet. We start to join in with the acting.
Soon it changes. Still acting, but for The Little Mermaid.
It ends and I notice that some of the people were James and Ashley Burden, and Emily is still here. We disperse and I start discussing work for another class. I say I want to make a replica shark fin, but make it stay wet so it seems real and fresh. I'm told that doesn't seem it'll get good marks.
Walking to where the outdoor music block was, but it goes down into a room that's dark instead. We talk in the doorway of that where it's still light. I start joking about how I'm going to kick the project's ass and do a little swagger and a taunt.
Someone in the distance notices it and, as if in a video game, he comes to fight me.
I dodge and run, in a big fight sequence with other people as well. The person that ran at me seems to be Chan, and Chun-Li is involved, as well as James and Emily.
The sequence has typical action movie angles, sometimes in my view, sometimes not. After sort-of bouncing from one opponent to the next we're all in the yard, after one another.
James is trying to get me. I swerve in nd out of the other 'fighters' in the yard. I see a dog and follow it.
[wake up]

Okay so...

I have a bunch of dreams to back-log, some of which I'm not sure if they're in this book or not, but I'm going to update with the ones that are. Bare with me, there is a lot of stuff to go up today. Happy reading!