Sunday, 27 March 2011

22nd October 2010

At Uni, in halls. With James, Nikki and Alex sleeping in one room, big room, but Alex sleeps just outside the door.
Ashley comes over to stay with me anyway. Nikki went on a trip somewhere, and James was busy. Me and Ash were just living cosy how we wanted.
Me and James went to a nearby corner shop one morning, I only wanted a little juice cup, the 10p things, and they ID'd me for it. I went to get my passport out and someone had scratched off the details and taken my picture. The guy behind the counter laughed and said he'd charge me £1 for it I swore at him and threatened him. We left the store then ran, just in case.
We got back home and I tried calling the authorities about it but the damaged passport seemed to affect my phone privileges.
Then I tried to call my Mum. I got through to some snotty woman who said my Mum couldn't help, she'd had breathing problems and was in hospital, probably wouldn't make it. I put the phone down and was called by the authorities. They acted as if I'd done it, as I should have been more careful.
Nikki got back from her trip. I tried to tell her but she wasn't bothered because she'd brought back a stegosaurus.

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