Sunday, 27 March 2011

27th March 2011

WARNING: Towards the end of this entry there is graphic content. You have been warned.

Out on the town with a friend (not sure who it is because they didn't look like who it was supposed to be) and Peter was there. Trying to get back with me, me and the friend tried to lose him for a while and finally succeeded.
Ended up coming across some guy who had dirt on me and the friend. We had to co-operate with him and let him take compromising pictures of weird shit. At one point he showed us a video of my friend doing something, but it was on a large cinema screen. We were supposed to take pictures of the screen but I was aware of the no-photo policy.
After the final test, when the friend has to sit with her legs open with a skirt on and have her photo taken because the guy wrongly accused her of paedophilia, we were taken as helpers for his final task.

We were to watch him attach his balls to a heavy machine that some guy built for him that was going to drag him slowly, while he peeled his skin and fat away from his body.
He was glistening. When he started moving, he shoved a knife through the muscles around his collarbone, and ripped a hole through to his throat. You could see inside the hole. I was preparing to stop looking, trying to bury my face into the chest of a man I was stood with, assumingly someone I knew.
[wake up]

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  1. Do you happen to like horror movies? That is one creepy dream!

    I've got a dream blog too (also a diary blog) stop on bye and have a look (it is also really strange that we have the same backgrounds).