Sunday, 27 March 2011

1st August 2010

I believe there were multiple sections to the dream. This is the last one.

With Emily. We go to a theme park. I have dreads in my hair. Generally walking around the park. Ryan (CoreysMonster UG) is the tannoy guy, he tries to suggest various rides and things for us to goon. Some rough looking gut asks us for a lighter and Emily gives him one. He keeps following us. As some point Alex's friend Cerys joins our crew.
We go to a different area of the park and the police arrive and it's noisy. We end up in a restaurant in the park. When we get inside it's full. The rough guy is now a woman and she rushes to the toilets. The police arrive and we assume they're after her after she acted weird all day.
Cerys starts talking about a cool time with Alex while I'm trying to hear the police radio.
Me and Emily go to my house. The guy is still following us. I quickly bleach my hair and put the dreads back in. I am very impressed because they had blonde, pink and black so it still matches my clothing.
The guy is stood outside my front door and asks for a light again and comes inside to apologise for him following us. We go into my living room and the police come. He comes inside and tries to strike up conversation.
I say I can see Xzibit outside. I want to hurry back to the theme park.

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