Saturday, 6 February 2010

3rd February 2010

With Rach and Lucy walking up to Blackpool North shore. Get there and it looks like the dunes in the South. Rach gets annoyed at us continuing north and we start to walk south.
I stop for ice cream first, in a little covered area, with a dentists across from the ice cream stall.
I run into Alex McSweeney and some of his friends. He starts talking to me while some foreign guy's trying to chat me up. I tell him to leave me.
I notice a red light on the back of his phone - he was trying to take photos of me. I snatch his phone, and can see his gallery open with lots of candid photos of me. I try to snap it over my knee and fail. I struggle to keep him off me while I hit it against the ice cream counter. The back flies off and I see the memory card. I break it into small pieces, smile at him, and walk back to my place in the queue.
[wake up]

27th January 2010

Dream 1
With Phil. Hasn't really changed. Just hanging around and stuff, catching up.
[vague dream]
Ends with me in my own bed, as if waking up, to a loud thud. I look over at Bek and there's a hole in his cage at the back then I realise he's jumping towards my face.
[wake up and check where Bek is]

Dream 2
In a field. Go into a dressing room for (seemingly) a drama performance with people from high school. Getting changed in a large toilet cubicle with Ashley Burden.
The production seems to be about anorexia. Skips to later when we come out of the grass into wheat/tall grass fields. No sure what, but they're bright burnt orange. There are rabbits in the tall grass, and on the beach just forward of the grass. All the rabbits look like Bek.
It's now a photography trip. Everyone goes to photograph the rabbits in the sea, I get on my stomach and crawl towards the grass.
[wake up]

15th January 2010

On a game show where you have to answer incorrectly to win money for charity. In a marketplace. Talking to the presenter guy. He asks a question about Pete Burns' clothing after he comes onto a stage and goes off again. I pass Pink in the street and talk about tattoos. When it starts getting dark we go into a building. A famous female (Cameron Diaz??) and Justin Timberlake are stood there. As soon as I reach him he kisses me. I ask for pictures.
After this we go to a dance hall. Justin is there again. He asks what I'm doing. I say that I'm waiting got them to come out, pointing at a dance troupe that are hiding. One of them is meant to be Beyoncé's young sister, They do a big dance number.

[wake up]

14th January 2010

On a bus. With strangers, and a family of 2. End up waiting for a plane with Sam. He's a little awkward around me until I choose a seat next to him, instead of a good friend. Travelling to some sort of event. Not sure what. Possibly skiing.

Part 2
Dream changes. Arrive at a party of sorts. Lady Gaga is there. She invites me to the seat next to her. I compliment her shoes. She takes it off for me to try. Before she did I considered licking her shoes. Tense feelings between us. Attracted to her. Dream repeats itself, with different shoes.

[wake up]