Saturday, 6 February 2010

3rd February 2010

With Rach and Lucy walking up to Blackpool North shore. Get there and it looks like the dunes in the South. Rach gets annoyed at us continuing north and we start to walk south.
I stop for ice cream first, in a little covered area, with a dentists across from the ice cream stall.
I run into Alex McSweeney and some of his friends. He starts talking to me while some foreign guy's trying to chat me up. I tell him to leave me.
I notice a red light on the back of his phone - he was trying to take photos of me. I snatch his phone, and can see his gallery open with lots of candid photos of me. I try to snap it over my knee and fail. I struggle to keep him off me while I hit it against the ice cream counter. The back flies off and I see the memory card. I break it into small pieces, smile at him, and walk back to my place in the queue.
[wake up]

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