Sunday, 13 September 2009

13th September 2009

Josh's living room. Leonardo Di Caprio smoking. Dialogue (I don't remember what was said). Josh's dog Luke (which doesn't look like him) purposely drooling on me. I went outside and it was my front room now. Some nerdy guy from my high school was there and there was a sleepover. In the morning he wore a bra and underwear, turquoise and pink, that were possibly supposed to be mine. He runs out into the street.
The dream repeats again from the beginning, same dialogue and entirely the same until he runs into the street. My Mum went to grab him to stop him this time, and then I grabbed my Mum's leg. I get dragged down to the end of my street and my friend Tom is there. He starts to talk about a film. Possibly by Disney, a horror film. The dream starts to repeat again. This time Luke's really trying to dribble on me, and is barking and spitting ice water at me.
I woke up.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

10th September 2009

At art school, in a class of many. Tought by John (from my degree course) and Hogwarts teachers. Students included me, Emily, Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, Asherlee, Leighanne. Leighanne is sewing little patchwork animals. People are playing Pokémon. Kyo from Dir En Grey comes into class with a few other 'celebrities' and I freak out and hope he'll come help at our group. He doesn't.
They give us a project to start fixing up an old house. Our group starts making a patchwork floor in black and white huge squares.
Some of the Hogwarts teachers want to come tear the house down, as well as Sirius Black. It seemed like they wanted to do that because of some sort of European ancestry, possible Swedish. They did come to ruin the house. Umbridge and Sirius Black come to ruin it, Harry Potter and Dumbledore come to help. Sirius Black turns into a werewolf. Harry Potter is turned into a head on a sphere, and 1 leg that's a hook.

8th September 2009

In Florida with Josh. He decides we should get on a plane to somewhere else for a few days together. Tells me to get on the plane first. I talk to a lady on the desk in the airport. Suddenly the desk isn't in the airport any more. It's in a street in a village in Africa. There are bars and stalls along the street. I come out of the centre and go out into the wild. There are giant insects, smaller scale cheetahs. We end up having to hide from "the hunters". We hide amongst a pile of rocks, and I realise my hair dye will give us away so I dangle my head behind the pile of rocks and my head gets bitten off by a huge male lion.

29th August 2009

Prince and I. Serious relationship. I think he was supposed to be Josh but he.... obviously wasn't? Says I'm different to everyone else. Doesn't care what anyone would think. Puts me on a plane to the USA to see him with my Mum, Dad, and my friend as a child Tom.


Okay so I have a few dreams to backdate.... I'll post each dream as a separate blog. If I have 2 dreams in 1 night I'll post them both in the same blog.

Figured I may as well post them somewhere. Some people may have some sort of insight xD

I'll write them mostly word from word from my notebook.


Reva xoxo.