Thursday, 10 September 2009

10th September 2009

At art school, in a class of many. Tought by John (from my degree course) and Hogwarts teachers. Students included me, Emily, Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, Asherlee, Leighanne. Leighanne is sewing little patchwork animals. People are playing Pokémon. Kyo from Dir En Grey comes into class with a few other 'celebrities' and I freak out and hope he'll come help at our group. He doesn't.
They give us a project to start fixing up an old house. Our group starts making a patchwork floor in black and white huge squares.
Some of the Hogwarts teachers want to come tear the house down, as well as Sirius Black. It seemed like they wanted to do that because of some sort of European ancestry, possible Swedish. They did come to ruin the house. Umbridge and Sirius Black come to ruin it, Harry Potter and Dumbledore come to help. Sirius Black turns into a werewolf. Harry Potter is turned into a head on a sphere, and 1 leg that's a hook.

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