Sunday, 13 September 2009

13th September 2009

Josh's living room. Leonardo Di Caprio smoking. Dialogue (I don't remember what was said). Josh's dog Luke (which doesn't look like him) purposely drooling on me. I went outside and it was my front room now. Some nerdy guy from my high school was there and there was a sleepover. In the morning he wore a bra and underwear, turquoise and pink, that were possibly supposed to be mine. He runs out into the street.
The dream repeats again from the beginning, same dialogue and entirely the same until he runs into the street. My Mum went to grab him to stop him this time, and then I grabbed my Mum's leg. I get dragged down to the end of my street and my friend Tom is there. He starts to talk about a film. Possibly by Disney, a horror film. The dream starts to repeat again. This time Luke's really trying to dribble on me, and is barking and spitting ice water at me.
I woke up.

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