Sunday, 11 October 2009

2nd October 2009

Weird. Seem to be walking round arcade-y shopping centre type places. First it's Liam (from school)'s birthday party. Then walking round arcades. Then me, Josh, and eventually Matthew (from high school) go biking. I'm on a push bike, they're on dirt bikes. Because I struggle to get up a huge hill they assume I'm pregnant.
They buy me lots of baby "kits" and a book about babies and disease.
Emily and me at parties. Don't know anyone. Texts that say "boo 1", "boo 1-2", "boo 1-5" and "boo 2". Me and Emily get a taxi home to my house. Ends with me, bands members and (from memory it appeared to be) a blonde Trent Reznor. Clinging to him, crying, the size of a child.

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