Sunday, 11 October 2009

10th October 2009

First dream I don't remember (but there was one).
8am to 11am dreams...
In a car at a wedding. After swimming. Lost and/or broken body jewellery. In Dave's (family friend) car waiting for my Dad. It's Dave van for work, but like a limo.
Skips ahead to being with Josh, then Mum. In a store with lots of clothes. Shoe area is from another dream but repeating. Gradually changes to a comic book store, Me, Alex, and Nikki are in an "accessories" section with Nintendo headbands, and Hello Kitty things, Mario kart pens. Lots of Mario headbands, I pick 2 Mario, 1 Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty one looks like a carrot. Chan (housemate) tries to guess which ones I was going to buy.
Dream closes with me in a TK Maxx style place but exclusive to shoes, looking at lots of different styles of Hello Kitty shoes. I try to take pictures of the ones I want to tell me Mum so she might get me them for Christmas. The store clerk said it was too late because it was closing.

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