Friday, 18 June 2010

17th June 2010

Dream 1
Don't remember much other than Shaun was abusing me, so I try to kill him, in various different ways. He continues to be horrid, and once he finds out what I was doing he pretends to die, whilst stood with Steve and Bee. They get mad at me.
He gets back up from the floor and says he hopes I've learned my lesson.
I sit down on a couch. Bee comes over and is very nice to me.

Dream 2
Lots of us are in a strange land. Dark and dangerous, clichéd really.
In teams trying to kill boars in the way of where we're trying to go.
Emily, Kirsten and Jo are on my team, possibly more.
The other team is Liam, Robb, Danny and more than I don't remember.
We try to use different weapons to different strengths of enemies. I try to use a cannon on oe from afar but it doesn't work, seemingly because I'm not on a boat. In this part of the dream it's like a video game, with menus and I hold wii remotes.
After we get past some, we're all in a darkened room in a house, one couch against one far wall, one couch against it's opposite. We all discuss ways to take the other team out.

8th June 2010

This night has lots of dreams.

At Uni with Alex and Nikki. Someone's birthday. Traipsing around in a fancy dress. I end up only wearing the top half of my costume with underwear.
Alan Byrnes is there with a weird kind of cat. Weirdly shaped, big and strong enough to take on walls. End up getting a life from who we assume to be a male/female couple until I get in the front passenger seat and it's Amber and her Mum.
After being driven home we're told we won a prize-giving with Ikea for our photography. We get a taxi and arrive. We've each won a fold-able fabric wardrobe with a toilet room in it. Mine is taken away and they lose my stuff for a while.
On the way back I stop off at a shop and the cashier can't speak good English. I'm only trying to buy chocolate and make-up. I get angry with him and just leave with the stuff.

Not dated, titled "before 8th June" 2010

Night before the day in the dream, sleepover at an elderly man's house. I wake up and some of my piercings have fallen out and for ages I can't get in the light to see to re-pierce my medusa.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

17th May 2010

Dream 1
In some sort of game show, filming it, sort of like Takeshi's Castle... but kind of like what dogs have to do at dog shows. Alice in Wonderland themed. There with Emily, Nikki, Alex, and Chris.
At the end of the games they tell us that the new film has resulted in no copies of Alice in Wonderland being in stores, so that's what they give us for being on the show.

Dream 2
In a sort of family house. It's supposed to be set in Sonic's world. Someone comes to hurt us, who looks like Count Olaf, and I have to go stop him and the woman he fraternises with. I fight him in the house, and then have to go find her. Before I go I look at where his body is and my vision glitches and it's like I can't stop looking. I have to force myself to stop. His body is lay there with a grin on his face. I leave, and it becomes apparent that he was conscious. My father was there also. He looked like Bob Hoskins.
I had to go find my father. On the way I learn of a pheasant that was sentenced to death in a courtyard.
I end up back round at my house. UB40 are playing there. They said they invented dubstep. Iget to the party and kill Olaf and the woman. The pheasant and my father are there. I get back to the house, on the roof, and my mother had had lots of fairy children. All of them fly up and congregate on the roof. We have a party, and friends show up - Emily, Nikki, and Ross.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Not dated, May 2010

**First off, this was written on scrap paper, as I'd stopped having my dream notebook with me. Secondly this was because I stopped having weird ones for a while, hence not being dated and not having any updates until now!!**

Last dream in a series of dreams from this night, don't remember the rest.

Working as a model/model director. In different places. One shoot is with another woman and a lady co-director.
Later there is a photoshoot in Asda, with Tone Loc and the co-director is one of the security guards for Asda, who is Kel (from Kenan and Kel).
He starts getting annoyed when I try to override his direction. Gets mad with me, threatens me, and leaves. I go to the security office to acquire another guard.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

24th February 2010

[missed out a lot of dream]
Having sex with Nikki's friend Doug. I black out. Seemingly wake up after he's finished. He asks me how it was, I don't answer. He leaves.
Dan comes into my room while I'm still lying there.
I start to freak out about how the lampshade on the big light looks photoshopped into reality. Then it's on a jet-ski and I laugh. Nikki and Dan are now in my room looking at the lamp.
[gap in dream]
At a lecture of sorts, in a large hall, with a wooden floor and wooden stage. There's a big alligator/scorpion/spider creature. The guy presenting demonstrates how it imitates a yo-yo. He starts handing out Chinese remedies and jade beads. I get the beads and mine are made out of wood instead.
[wake up (alarm)]

17th February 2010

[bits of dream before this, forgotten]
In a town somewhere. Dressed as a mermaid, Britney Spears dressed as Jasmine. Trying to impress Shaun and distract him from her. I flash him, but she shows him her bum. We both try to better each other by making Shaun a costume.

7th February 2010

On a road trip with Alex and Nikki, to somewhere with fields. Ended up in a place with a dock, and we ended up going somewhere that we weren't meant to. Found pieces of old metal by the side of the banks.
A few were in shapes of things we could see, like a boat that was at the docks.
We tried to read what the metal said to match it with the boat and chased the boat to show them.
Everyone was seemingly impressed, and I had a feeling it would bring me lots of money.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

3rd February 2010

With Rach and Lucy walking up to Blackpool North shore. Get there and it looks like the dunes in the South. Rach gets annoyed at us continuing north and we start to walk south.
I stop for ice cream first, in a little covered area, with a dentists across from the ice cream stall.
I run into Alex McSweeney and some of his friends. He starts talking to me while some foreign guy's trying to chat me up. I tell him to leave me.
I notice a red light on the back of his phone - he was trying to take photos of me. I snatch his phone, and can see his gallery open with lots of candid photos of me. I try to snap it over my knee and fail. I struggle to keep him off me while I hit it against the ice cream counter. The back flies off and I see the memory card. I break it into small pieces, smile at him, and walk back to my place in the queue.
[wake up]

27th January 2010

Dream 1
With Phil. Hasn't really changed. Just hanging around and stuff, catching up.
[vague dream]
Ends with me in my own bed, as if waking up, to a loud thud. I look over at Bek and there's a hole in his cage at the back then I realise he's jumping towards my face.
[wake up and check where Bek is]

Dream 2
In a field. Go into a dressing room for (seemingly) a drama performance with people from high school. Getting changed in a large toilet cubicle with Ashley Burden.
The production seems to be about anorexia. Skips to later when we come out of the grass into wheat/tall grass fields. No sure what, but they're bright burnt orange. There are rabbits in the tall grass, and on the beach just forward of the grass. All the rabbits look like Bek.
It's now a photography trip. Everyone goes to photograph the rabbits in the sea, I get on my stomach and crawl towards the grass.
[wake up]

15th January 2010

On a game show where you have to answer incorrectly to win money for charity. In a marketplace. Talking to the presenter guy. He asks a question about Pete Burns' clothing after he comes onto a stage and goes off again. I pass Pink in the street and talk about tattoos. When it starts getting dark we go into a building. A famous female (Cameron Diaz??) and Justin Timberlake are stood there. As soon as I reach him he kisses me. I ask for pictures.
After this we go to a dance hall. Justin is there again. He asks what I'm doing. I say that I'm waiting got them to come out, pointing at a dance troupe that are hiding. One of them is meant to be Beyoncé's young sister, They do a big dance number.

[wake up]

14th January 2010

On a bus. With strangers, and a family of 2. End up waiting for a plane with Sam. He's a little awkward around me until I choose a seat next to him, instead of a good friend. Travelling to some sort of event. Not sure what. Possibly skiing.

Part 2
Dream changes. Arrive at a party of sorts. Lady Gaga is there. She invites me to the seat next to her. I compliment her shoes. She takes it off for me to try. Before she did I considered licking her shoes. Tense feelings between us. Attracted to her. Dream repeats itself, with different shoes.

[wake up]

Saturday, 2 January 2010

1st January 2010

Part 1 (what I remember of it)
At an amusement park. With Hayley from Junior school. On rides. She nearly came out of it. I was next to her, saw her slipping. A lot of the amusement park was on the shore.

Part 2
Dream kind of changed/merged. I was with Nikki and Dan. At docks, several huge tidal pools. Family friend Jane shows us how she can put bait on either shoulder (baby turtles) and be picked up by a large bird of prey to control it.
[[at this point it becomes apparent that I skipped Uni to do this]]
In the pools with Emily. I show her how to bait the rays to be able to hold and ride them. I educate her about rays.
After a while me, Nikki and Dan go onto the docks. A ship's captain seems to be in charge of the docks. He has bait in a bucket. When we open the lid, I see a dead rainbow stag.
Suddenly we hear panic and a warning of sharks on the way. I look under the docks and see the tail out of water. I say how it had characteristics of a Great White. I explain about shark tails.
The captain shows us something it tried to bite. I confirm it's not a Great White by saying "it's too small" and confusing people around. I say in comparison it is small.
We turn around and see 2 scalloped hammerheads (but tiny) and 2 bonnetheads (tiny also) jump over the pier. I panic. Captain tells us to cover ourselves in dried tomato seeds and herbs, to confuse the sharks.

[Wake up]

Friday, 1 January 2010

31st December 2009

[[Did not write this in my dream diary notebook, so this is all I can remember]]

Woke up in Sam's bed after New Year's in Hull, but it was actually the 5th of January now.
Went on facebook. A message from Josh telling me he found someone else. I replied with "I don't anymore, I have someone else".
Me and Sam walked outside and it looked like Bury. He said "you've got money now, lucky!"

I went to check my bank to see if my student loan was in.