Saturday, 15 May 2010

Not dated, May 2010

**First off, this was written on scrap paper, as I'd stopped having my dream notebook with me. Secondly this was because I stopped having weird ones for a while, hence not being dated and not having any updates until now!!**

Last dream in a series of dreams from this night, don't remember the rest.

Working as a model/model director. In different places. One shoot is with another woman and a lady co-director.
Later there is a photoshoot in Asda, with Tone Loc and the co-director is one of the security guards for Asda, who is Kel (from Kenan and Kel).
He starts getting annoyed when I try to override his direction. Gets mad with me, threatens me, and leaves. I go to the security office to acquire another guard.

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