Tuesday, 18 May 2010

17th May 2010

Dream 1
In some sort of game show, filming it, sort of like Takeshi's Castle... but kind of like what dogs have to do at dog shows. Alice in Wonderland themed. There with Emily, Nikki, Alex, and Chris.
At the end of the games they tell us that the new film has resulted in no copies of Alice in Wonderland being in stores, so that's what they give us for being on the show.

Dream 2
In a sort of family house. It's supposed to be set in Sonic's world. Someone comes to hurt us, who looks like Count Olaf, and I have to go stop him and the woman he fraternises with. I fight him in the house, and then have to go find her. Before I go I look at where his body is and my vision glitches and it's like I can't stop looking. I have to force myself to stop. His body is lay there with a grin on his face. I leave, and it becomes apparent that he was conscious. My father was there also. He looked like Bob Hoskins.
I had to go find my father. On the way I learn of a pheasant that was sentenced to death in a courtyard.
I end up back round at my house. UB40 are playing there. They said they invented dubstep. Iget to the party and kill Olaf and the woman. The pheasant and my father are there. I get back to the house, on the roof, and my mother had had lots of fairy children. All of them fly up and congregate on the roof. We have a party, and friends show up - Emily, Nikki, and Ross.

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