Saturday, 21 November 2009

20th November 2009

Part 1
In my living room at home. Lots of people I know/have known. Playing Smash Bros. Saul picks up something, possibly edible, starts changing him into a King Kong-sized Donkey Kong. I urge everyone to go outside. Nothing happens. I hide behind a neighbour's bush.

Part 2
On my street at University. Pond in a garden is supposedly the Sealife aquarium. Floating severed Sandtiger Shark head. My favourite, so I panic, call John the Uni course leader. He says not to tamper or I'll get into trouble. Bren, the course's tech guy puts it in a bag and goes to show the 'aquarium' staff. I panic because I wanted to keep the teeth. He brings it back, with John. The teeth are carved into the shape of a shark.

Part 3
In a big hall filled with cheap clothes and shoes, and other bits and bobs. Some areas are reminiscent of a dream that is pre-dream diary. With my Mum, she's trying to help me choose what to spend money on. Some areas are so packed it's hard to get through all the tunnels of things.

21st October 2009

1st part (that I can remember)
Me and Nikki in Uni, building is different, same course. People expect me to be the troublemaker. We get early to our room, huge glass windows that open to a field. All closed. A giant rhino grazing nearby, but the male (bull) is agitated. Charges, bending the window slightly.
We get worried and remove our things. I only get 2 bags, 2 are still in. Troy gets there and volunteers to help distract it. End up in a section of room out the back. Nobody to help. Troy rushes in between me and the bull at the last moment and distracts it. I cry. *wake up*, elevated heart rate.

2nd part
At Nikki's house. She wants to watch tv, toilet in the living room. Doesn't have the same layout as her living room. She seems to be going to Uni in the middle of the night. I get a taxi to a library. She gets out at the building next to me, with Alex. She says she's just going to the shop. I walk round the corner to the library. It looks like America.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

20th October 2009

At a social gathering. Matthew (Parton, high school), Ashley (Burden, high school) etc. They're being mean so I go to leave, but not before I discover that I've just been cheated on.
I go away on a walk with a bag full of loose smarties, A dog comes to inspect them and then starts licking the colour off them. The owner invites me to his house for a drink, noticing I'm a bit down. The man turns out to be Sam's Dad.
They're playing a board game and a fishing Wii game at the same time. Eventually Sam and I go to his room and I tell him what happened. He feels sorry for me and is glad I came round. He invites me to come another day because his "dog is getting old and lonely". I agree.
I turn up and go into his room, and people jump out at me. I state that I was not surprised, until I'm handed a rolled up piece of paper. I unroll it and state that I am now indeed surprised. It's a poster with Sam drawn on it, and the Billy doll from the Saw films. He asks if I'll go see the new one with him, despite me knowing how much he hates it.

16th October 2009

In a shopping area. Food shopping. Multiple cars. Lots of us. Car pooling. Me and Josh car pooled with Nathan (from Primary School) and a few West Asian lads who were horrid to me.
We walked in and I spoke with Ashley (Dickinson, from High School). Emily and Mat were in another car, so they were there. Alex and Nikki were.
I was in an area with a sculpture, with colour changing lights and I play on it for a while, still talking to Ashley.
I get bullied by the Asian lads some more. I walk off upset. I see Emily and Mat. Mat looks like Not John from Uni. I stop at the sculpture until Ashley comes back. She talks about how she needs to catch a train tomorrow at 1:45pm.
It's time to leave and Ashley asks about Schmee. I say I've got dirt on him. Very pleased. At the car, Josh gets into the American driver's side, with Nathan next to him. Nathan is horrible to me. I tell him to hit me. He doesn't do it hard enough and I get annoyed.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

11th October 2009

At home, watching The Simpsons. Mum hates it.
Skips way out to me and Josh walking around Bury, his sister's with us and the group we're with and is texting horrible things to me. We walk to the bus/train station.
Me and Josh climb to the roof of a newsagents for privacy and Josh tries to have sex with me. One of the 1st year students on the same course as me climbs up with us. She wants to join in, he tries to persuade me. He has a catalogue of all female nude Barbies and asks me which one I'd have sex with. I just refuse and get upset. He doesn't care and starts having sex with her instead.

[Woke up crying]

10th October 2009

First dream I don't remember (but there was one).
8am to 11am dreams...
In a car at a wedding. After swimming. Lost and/or broken body jewellery. In Dave's (family friend) car waiting for my Dad. It's Dave van for work, but like a limo.
Skips ahead to being with Josh, then Mum. In a store with lots of clothes. Shoe area is from another dream but repeating. Gradually changes to a comic book store, Me, Alex, and Nikki are in an "accessories" section with Nintendo headbands, and Hello Kitty things, Mario kart pens. Lots of Mario headbands, I pick 2 Mario, 1 Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty one looks like a carrot. Chan (housemate) tries to guess which ones I was going to buy.
Dream closes with me in a TK Maxx style place but exclusive to shoes, looking at lots of different styles of Hello Kitty shoes. I try to take pictures of the ones I want to tell me Mum so she might get me them for Christmas. The store clerk said it was too late because it was closing.

3rd October 2009

Wildlife photography class - but it's in high school. Beginning's fuzzy, but after a tiger is safely put back, asked to complete a task of making coffee in cups made of newspaper. After failing I realise that some people were able to make their newspaper back into wood. Anwar (character from Skins) was there. Nikki spots a tiger which turns out to be the new guy we have for CS seminars.

2nd October 2009

Weird. Seem to be walking round arcade-y shopping centre type places. First it's Liam (from school)'s birthday party. Then walking round arcades. Then me, Josh, and eventually Matthew (from high school) go biking. I'm on a push bike, they're on dirt bikes. Because I struggle to get up a huge hill they assume I'm pregnant.
They buy me lots of baby "kits" and a book about babies and disease.
Emily and me at parties. Don't know anyone. Texts that say "boo 1", "boo 1-2", "boo 1-5" and "boo 2". Me and Emily get a taxi home to my house. Ends with me, bands members and (from memory it appeared to be) a blonde Trent Reznor. Clinging to him, crying, the size of a child.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

13th September 2009

Josh's living room. Leonardo Di Caprio smoking. Dialogue (I don't remember what was said). Josh's dog Luke (which doesn't look like him) purposely drooling on me. I went outside and it was my front room now. Some nerdy guy from my high school was there and there was a sleepover. In the morning he wore a bra and underwear, turquoise and pink, that were possibly supposed to be mine. He runs out into the street.
The dream repeats again from the beginning, same dialogue and entirely the same until he runs into the street. My Mum went to grab him to stop him this time, and then I grabbed my Mum's leg. I get dragged down to the end of my street and my friend Tom is there. He starts to talk about a film. Possibly by Disney, a horror film. The dream starts to repeat again. This time Luke's really trying to dribble on me, and is barking and spitting ice water at me.
I woke up.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

10th September 2009

At art school, in a class of many. Tought by John (from my degree course) and Hogwarts teachers. Students included me, Emily, Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, Asherlee, Leighanne. Leighanne is sewing little patchwork animals. People are playing Pokémon. Kyo from Dir En Grey comes into class with a few other 'celebrities' and I freak out and hope he'll come help at our group. He doesn't.
They give us a project to start fixing up an old house. Our group starts making a patchwork floor in black and white huge squares.
Some of the Hogwarts teachers want to come tear the house down, as well as Sirius Black. It seemed like they wanted to do that because of some sort of European ancestry, possible Swedish. They did come to ruin the house. Umbridge and Sirius Black come to ruin it, Harry Potter and Dumbledore come to help. Sirius Black turns into a werewolf. Harry Potter is turned into a head on a sphere, and 1 leg that's a hook.

8th September 2009

In Florida with Josh. He decides we should get on a plane to somewhere else for a few days together. Tells me to get on the plane first. I talk to a lady on the desk in the airport. Suddenly the desk isn't in the airport any more. It's in a street in a village in Africa. There are bars and stalls along the street. I come out of the centre and go out into the wild. There are giant insects, smaller scale cheetahs. We end up having to hide from "the hunters". We hide amongst a pile of rocks, and I realise my hair dye will give us away so I dangle my head behind the pile of rocks and my head gets bitten off by a huge male lion.

29th August 2009

Prince and I. Serious relationship. I think he was supposed to be Josh but he.... obviously wasn't? Says I'm different to everyone else. Doesn't care what anyone would think. Puts me on a plane to the USA to see him with my Mum, Dad, and my friend as a child Tom.


Okay so I have a few dreams to backdate.... I'll post each dream as a separate blog. If I have 2 dreams in 1 night I'll post them both in the same blog.

Figured I may as well post them somewhere. Some people may have some sort of insight xD

I'll write them mostly word from word from my notebook.


Reva xoxo.