Saturday, 21 November 2009

21st October 2009

1st part (that I can remember)
Me and Nikki in Uni, building is different, same course. People expect me to be the troublemaker. We get early to our room, huge glass windows that open to a field. All closed. A giant rhino grazing nearby, but the male (bull) is agitated. Charges, bending the window slightly.
We get worried and remove our things. I only get 2 bags, 2 are still in. Troy gets there and volunteers to help distract it. End up in a section of room out the back. Nobody to help. Troy rushes in between me and the bull at the last moment and distracts it. I cry. *wake up*, elevated heart rate.

2nd part
At Nikki's house. She wants to watch tv, toilet in the living room. Doesn't have the same layout as her living room. She seems to be going to Uni in the middle of the night. I get a taxi to a library. She gets out at the building next to me, with Alex. She says she's just going to the shop. I walk round the corner to the library. It looks like America.

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