Saturday, 21 November 2009

20th November 2009

Part 1
In my living room at home. Lots of people I know/have known. Playing Smash Bros. Saul picks up something, possibly edible, starts changing him into a King Kong-sized Donkey Kong. I urge everyone to go outside. Nothing happens. I hide behind a neighbour's bush.

Part 2
On my street at University. Pond in a garden is supposedly the Sealife aquarium. Floating severed Sandtiger Shark head. My favourite, so I panic, call John the Uni course leader. He says not to tamper or I'll get into trouble. Bren, the course's tech guy puts it in a bag and goes to show the 'aquarium' staff. I panic because I wanted to keep the teeth. He brings it back, with John. The teeth are carved into the shape of a shark.

Part 3
In a big hall filled with cheap clothes and shoes, and other bits and bobs. Some areas are reminiscent of a dream that is pre-dream diary. With my Mum, she's trying to help me choose what to spend money on. Some areas are so packed it's hard to get through all the tunnels of things.

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