Tuesday, 20 October 2009

20th October 2009

At a social gathering. Matthew (Parton, high school), Ashley (Burden, high school) etc. They're being mean so I go to leave, but not before I discover that I've just been cheated on.
I go away on a walk with a bag full of loose smarties, A dog comes to inspect them and then starts licking the colour off them. The owner invites me to his house for a drink, noticing I'm a bit down. The man turns out to be Sam's Dad.
They're playing a board game and a fishing Wii game at the same time. Eventually Sam and I go to his room and I tell him what happened. He feels sorry for me and is glad I came round. He invites me to come another day because his "dog is getting old and lonely". I agree.
I turn up and go into his room, and people jump out at me. I state that I was not surprised, until I'm handed a rolled up piece of paper. I unroll it and state that I am now indeed surprised. It's a poster with Sam drawn on it, and the Billy doll from the Saw films. He asks if I'll go see the new one with him, despite me knowing how much he hates it.

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  1. Well, I fucking hate my dog, and it doesn't even live at my dad's house, but whatever :P