Tuesday, 20 October 2009

16th October 2009

In a shopping area. Food shopping. Multiple cars. Lots of us. Car pooling. Me and Josh car pooled with Nathan (from Primary School) and a few West Asian lads who were horrid to me.
We walked in and I spoke with Ashley (Dickinson, from High School). Emily and Mat were in another car, so they were there. Alex and Nikki were.
I was in an area with a sculpture, with colour changing lights and I play on it for a while, still talking to Ashley.
I get bullied by the Asian lads some more. I walk off upset. I see Emily and Mat. Mat looks like Not John from Uni. I stop at the sculpture until Ashley comes back. She talks about how she needs to catch a train tomorrow at 1:45pm.
It's time to leave and Ashley asks about Schmee. I say I've got dirt on him. Very pleased. At the car, Josh gets into the American driver's side, with Nathan next to him. Nathan is horrible to me. I tell him to hit me. He doesn't do it hard enough and I get annoyed.

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