Tuesday, 2 March 2010

24th February 2010

[missed out a lot of dream]
Having sex with Nikki's friend Doug. I black out. Seemingly wake up after he's finished. He asks me how it was, I don't answer. He leaves.
Dan comes into my room while I'm still lying there.
I start to freak out about how the lampshade on the big light looks photoshopped into reality. Then it's on a jet-ski and I laugh. Nikki and Dan are now in my room looking at the lamp.
[gap in dream]
At a lecture of sorts, in a large hall, with a wooden floor and wooden stage. There's a big alligator/scorpion/spider creature. The guy presenting demonstrates how it imitates a yo-yo. He starts handing out Chinese remedies and jade beads. I get the beads and mine are made out of wood instead.
[wake up (alarm)]

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