Saturday, 6 February 2010

27th January 2010

Dream 1
With Phil. Hasn't really changed. Just hanging around and stuff, catching up.
[vague dream]
Ends with me in my own bed, as if waking up, to a loud thud. I look over at Bek and there's a hole in his cage at the back then I realise he's jumping towards my face.
[wake up and check where Bek is]

Dream 2
In a field. Go into a dressing room for (seemingly) a drama performance with people from high school. Getting changed in a large toilet cubicle with Ashley Burden.
The production seems to be about anorexia. Skips to later when we come out of the grass into wheat/tall grass fields. No sure what, but they're bright burnt orange. There are rabbits in the tall grass, and on the beach just forward of the grass. All the rabbits look like Bek.
It's now a photography trip. Everyone goes to photograph the rabbits in the sea, I get on my stomach and crawl towards the grass.
[wake up]

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