Friday, 18 June 2010

8th June 2010

This night has lots of dreams.

At Uni with Alex and Nikki. Someone's birthday. Traipsing around in a fancy dress. I end up only wearing the top half of my costume with underwear.
Alan Byrnes is there with a weird kind of cat. Weirdly shaped, big and strong enough to take on walls. End up getting a life from who we assume to be a male/female couple until I get in the front passenger seat and it's Amber and her Mum.
After being driven home we're told we won a prize-giving with Ikea for our photography. We get a taxi and arrive. We've each won a fold-able fabric wardrobe with a toilet room in it. Mine is taken away and they lose my stuff for a while.
On the way back I stop off at a shop and the cashier can't speak good English. I'm only trying to buy chocolate and make-up. I get angry with him and just leave with the stuff.

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