Sunday, 27 March 2011

24th June 2010

In Chinatown, not sure why. Vague bit of dream to start. End up in Derby High School again.
In a darkened classroom, trying to be taught, don't know quite what lesson it is.
Yellow Lamborghini in the room, that is made to disappear. We're told to guess how, it's seemingly a media lesson at this point. Maggie Smith is one of the teachers.
Then it changes.
We're in a big hall, Maggie Smith is now dressed as McGonagall, and there is also Dumbledore, and a few of the students. We're dressed in the school robes, and we have to join in acting. The characters are seemingly real, but they're definitely acting. We try to join in, as we're told. We sneak under the tables in the hall, under a black sheet, like how we assumed the Lamborghini did.
Emily is behind me, under she same sheet. We start to join in with the acting.
Soon it changes. Still acting, but for The Little Mermaid.
It ends and I notice that some of the people were James and Ashley Burden, and Emily is still here. We disperse and I start discussing work for another class. I say I want to make a replica shark fin, but make it stay wet so it seems real and fresh. I'm told that doesn't seem it'll get good marks.
Walking to where the outdoor music block was, but it goes down into a room that's dark instead. We talk in the doorway of that where it's still light. I start joking about how I'm going to kick the project's ass and do a little swagger and a taunt.
Someone in the distance notices it and, as if in a video game, he comes to fight me.
I dodge and run, in a big fight sequence with other people as well. The person that ran at me seems to be Chan, and Chun-Li is involved, as well as James and Emily.
The sequence has typical action movie angles, sometimes in my view, sometimes not. After sort-of bouncing from one opponent to the next we're all in the yard, after one another.
James is trying to get me. I swerve in nd out of the other 'fighters' in the yard. I see a dog and follow it.
[wake up]

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