Sunday, 27 March 2011

25th November 2010

Several parts.

Starts on a train, within Harry Potter. Escaping something evil. I go to the train's toilet and shop area and people are being rude. While in there the dream changed at some point.
I'm now in an arcade or something.
James was there, with a small machine that had cassette tapes in. He had it plugged into a big pinball machine. I'm not sure what it was doing. I don't remember why, but he gave it to me because he was going away. I did eventually see him again, and I had it with me, and he was surprised.
Last part of the dream, not sure how it started, but I was walking somewhere, on a pilgrimage, with a person I was walking with, and I was in danger the whole time. Then it swapped, I wasn't me, I was a scary guy who was shooting people down everywhere and people were just dying. I was seeing it through his eyes.
Eventually he started shooting some kids playing on a field but the bullets were ineffective. They all started to crowd him but a big, beefy, faceless guy suggested they stop and were led away. I think he killed them.
It kept swapping between me and seeing through his eyes.
I walked through towns to farmland and eventually got to city where some tall goth guy met me and we acted like we were together but he was really a repulsive person.
[wake up]

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