Sunday, 27 March 2011

21st September 2010

Part 1 (Very vague, don't remember much)
Walking round Bury with Ryan (UG) and Dan Kearney. Supposed to be a party somewhere I think. Rach was there at some point. I remember walking past the big clock in Bury.

Part 2
A few of us ended up in Manchester. I think I was with Rach, Emily Hanlon, Nikki and Dan in Manchester when I heard Prince's music coming from a bar on the corner of a street. I asked Emily to come with me to ask the bouncer if I could peek in and see if I'd want to go in. They let us.
It was a cover band, but it was amazing, then I noticed that Prince was actually there. The bouncer told us to come back up and decide.
I decided to pay to get in, and for the others to meet me back there for a while.
I went to pay and the bouncer got me in cheaper.
As I walked down the stairs Prince was no longer right there as you walked in. He was over the other side. I went to stand in front of the stage. As the night began to slow down and people left I'd noticed the music quieten, and Prince was stood to the right of me. I was still dancing and bopping to the music.
Prince smiled at me, took hold of me from behind gently, and parted my hair to the side at the front so he could trim some. He cut a few locks out. I remember having to steer him away from cutting more, he was running his hands through my hair*.
He brushed his hands on my shoulders and just looked at me, smiling.

*partial lucid dream??

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